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In greek mythology Prometheus (meaning "Forethought") took fire from Zeus and gave the valuable gift to man which would help in life’s struggle.  In this analogy "Fire" is information. That is at the core of what Prometheus (this workspace) is focused on. We provide applications focused on assisting and providing you with information.
This application was developed to provide access to information in multiple applications and databases through a *single pane.
To date Prometheus is that single pane of access to the following applications:
  • VRS-Vehicle Reservation System
  • BCAS
  • Project Manager
  • Sexual Harassment Complain Form
  • Exit Interview Survey
  • Prometheus, this application, is provided by IT Services for DJJ.
    Applications developed and placed within Prometheus are focused on Administrative functions for the agency. These applications are developed for very small and incremental change rather than a "Big Bang."
    This is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment facilitating RAPID deployment of changes. Sometimes changes occur multiple times per day. If you have a Question you would like to ask us Click Here and complete the form.

    Barry A. Ogletree, IT Director/CIO
    *the reference to a single pane is a single window with all the information eliminating the need to visit multiple sites in multiple browser windows.
    Contact DJJ if you have any questions about this content